“why is my penis in your mouth”?

is the social media site… your church?





is the “computer internet” your holy ghost?

are you sleeping with others “secretly” thru the internet holy ghost…?

is the holy internet ghost your “voyeur” comforter? to “get off” in secret?

HBO Voyeur

do you “do it” in groups?

do you need your proper light on?


JOHNNY RIVERS – Secret Agent Man 1966

if you “follow me around to “record” or set me up

yet keep far from me showing me no love…

are you “loving”?

if you sell my sexual life publicly

are you my “agent” or pimp

if you are selling my “sexuality” to others…



if you are selling me on a bus or a public library are you a “street corner pimp”?

are you loving?

if you sell me publicly are you my “marketer”?

are you loving

what are you loving?

are you selling me as “GOD” so you can discredit all that “the bible” is saying?

so you… can “yell” “save yourself… like we are with our money?”

are you loving

money or GOD?

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