learned helplessness… is how we have built our “cities”…?

a condition in which a person suffers from a sense of powerlessness, arising from a traumatic event or persistent failure to succeed. It is thought to be one of the underlying causes of depression.

what do the “corporate banks” or any usury money scheme have to do with..

learned helplessness?

can you “create” a civilization about money(profit debt based) and “truly love the humans and life in it.. to prepare them for “natural” cycles”?

can you “entrian a population” to be about that money and “know an prepare for “natural cycles”?

why does nature need to flood? is it right to “interfere” with nature? what are the consequances?


yet why do most “citystates” invest only in big projects….big money big projects….is there any other way… than “big money” projects…?

if we cannot ask this why?

do we have a predisposition… programed into “our collective” mind.. that “steers” us to go with the “bandwagoned” “larger thatn life” fixit.. “bigmoney” only expert driven… “solution”?….(srry for the “bunny ears”)

i actually like this old school floating bridge…however.. depends on the “weather”..


could we take our time and “think” about it…? or are we “squrilly” or do squirelss take there time with … a ‘nut” also….






TVA bans new floating homes, but allows existing homes to stay on lakes for 30 years



why do “big money and big government” thru “experts” block… people from building homes that are in flood plains…formbeing floating or tiny…etc..?

why do “debt based” civilizations” create “coffins” for the peoples.. . will they are still living… and calll it…”godly”…. ?




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