lift off… on the arm…of…”war machines”… we built all of our civilization on the “need for war”…so why the desire to leave…”because we do not have “peace”” do we “search” for it somewhere else…? if we cannot find it in each other… “are we going to “find” it in “something” else…. “unknown”….

thorium plasma ram jets… that convert to… cavaitating plasma “thrusters”

run off of …in take of…. “atmosphere” when the stock up on hydrogen then convert to  “human sweat” in transit….

Thorium (Th #90) is the next element on the periodic table for my APEX mineral collection.

Wikipedia Thorium
Thorium Minerals – There are many Thorium minerals.

Thorianite (ThO2)(Thorium Oxide) with 88% Thorium is the obvious APEX Mineral.

Thorium is three times more abundant than Tin in the Earth’s crust and is about as common as Lead.  Thorium has one of the largest liquid temperature ranges of any element, with 2946 °C between the melting point and boiling point.  Thorium is slightly radioactive (half-life equals the age of the universe) and may one day replace Uranium in nuclear reactors as a safer alternative.

Thorium was unknown until modern times.

Thorium is a component of the magnesium alloy series, called Mag-Thor, used in aircraft engines and rockets
Thorium has no known biological role.

Splitting Water Into Hydrogen And Oxygen

First you should know that Thorium is the only safe and green nuclear fuel that can even be handled by humans.

Removal of thorium from simulated acid process streams by fungal biomass.

take out the heat exchangers… and use only “layers” of molten slat batteries and pyroeletrics… which convert directly to “electricity” and “gryoscopic motion”

Mgamerz’s Awesome Liquid Gyroscope

what if it was… “liquid” in design?

Solid-state technology has revolutionized our way of life. The integrated circuit has enabled unprecedented advances in information technology, with boundless connectivity and unlimited access. LEDs have changed the lighting industry forever. Now Phononic is bringing solid-state transformation to cooling and heating.



MSRE was a success. Fission product xenon gas was continually removed to prevent unwanted neutron absorptions. Online fuel addition was demonstrated. Minor inter-grain boundary corrosion of the Hastelloy vessel, piping, and heat exchanger was later addressed. Oak Ridge also developed chemistry for separation of thorium, uranium, and fission products in the fluid fluoride salts. Fluorination and distillation processes could separate fission products from the salt.

Alvin Weinberg’s liquid fuel reactors

is a “byproduct” xenon..?


4D printing thorium batteries

doesnt need “water transfer” if materials are… “themodynamic” and “resonant based” pyrodynamic”… “containers”

prove that you are not a robot

choose forgiveness


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