folded paper cars(noah boats) and right /left chirality

Liquid crystals from cellulose derivatives exhibit either right-handed or left-handed chirality

whereas the chiral nematic organization of CNCs is always left-handed likely a result of the underlying right-handed chirality of nanocellulose

The inhibition efficiency of the tested additive as calcium carbonate inhibitors at a given concentration was calculated using the following equation (Amjad, et al. 1997):

Figure 1 – Scanning Electron Micrograph of Aragonite Crystals Grown
in the Absence of Additives

Figure 2 – Scanning Electron Micrograph of Aragonite and Vaterite Crystals Grown in the Presence of PSS

Where [Ca2+] t

[Ca2+] i [Ca2+] f

= Total calcium concentration in the presence of the additive at a given time = Initial total calcium
= Final total calcium concentration in the absence of additives

The potential security offered by the NCC film can be authenticated using a UV light source, a circular polarizer in conjunction with an iridescent feature that can be verified by the eye or by chiral spectrometry.

helium and nanocellulose fiber…

EV Batteries Made From Wood

As a substitute for glass fiber, nanocellulose has obvious applications for lightweight car body parts and other structural elements, but that’s just the beginning. We just came across a new paper published at the National Institutes of Health suggesting that nanocellulose could be used to create “paper-like” electrodes in energy storage devices.

Bitumen is a petroleum-like product, the fossilized and transformed remains of ancient microscopic creatures like diatoms.


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