the importance of emphasis and repetition in “entraining”

do you notice yourself …

repeating something about someone over and over..

like you are in disbelief.. of it..

it is more than likely “a “culturally or religious” programed bias…

thru cyber ware fare.. like propaganda warfare.. ]

these are implemented.. on the masses .. .

in mass…

the synchronization of organisms to an external rhythm.

that external rhythm…

meaning the thought…

whose thought was that… ?

who originated and for what was that “thought or idea” or fact of knowledge…. ”
or understanding…

and in what manner was that to be use..

or what was its.. “intended” “effect”

in thought….of self..

to emphatically.. be.. is a situational awareness.. of

“others” that that thought could have….?

the effect is …to “emphasis’ in entertainment..

it is used in music and sports.. in hypnosis.. etc..

all communication “sync’s” up… with another…

where the “emphasis” is.. is where the “break” is from the other.. “syncs…

musicians and athletes and actors comedians.. etc.. public speakers..

are aware of that “clock”…

the “tick” is the “emphasis”..





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