psychological genetic cyber warfare

“breaking news” on institutional “experiments”…(sry for the irony)

nice, sarcastic, and blunt… walk into a bar….

i suppose you thinking right now

shhh.. its a secret…..

using psychology… to algorithms… cyber mind uploading to

clone “minds” and edit… “cloned minds”

to upload into… “cloned” genetic bodies…

in hope of “stealing” the life given by God… “within them”

from… the outside… with “money”…

. A large-scale society of uploads might, according to futurists, give rise to a technological singularity, meaning a sudden time constant decrease in the exponential development of technology.[6] Mind uploading is a central conceptual feature of numerous science fiction novels and films.

if you dont know… wing it…;-)

Keynote: At the End of the World, Plant a Tree

thats a lot of drugs….

thank you coming soon to a theater near you

toliets symbolic of progress traps

i fyou can read it… dont you think that someone else could … you choose the word…also… or too…. also and too… or also and or too



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