“Diary of an Angry Targeted Individual,” the horrific targeting of a toddler, my precocious grandchild, got so intense that I felt the only hope to spare her from what could be the beginning stages of possibly a lifelong effort to use her as a lab rat, or worse, was to expose those who work these operations and detail what they were doing whether people believe me or not. Deceptively these individuals are clean shaven, suited, and uniformed.  In spite of their persona, they continue to reveal themselves as twisted souls of whom a defenseless child’s life has no value except for scientific research.

In hindsight today, many fully aware of this program as operating for decades, and many individuals used to bring it to its high state of perfection,  prompted me to began to look back and recall what could have also been subtle manipulation and influence of my own children when they were young and in this realization, as I thought back even further, now familiar with standard procedures, possible subtle efforts around me when young as well.  The turbulent 60s ignited social control testing on individuals and groups due to massive protests.

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In the early stages of my official targeting, beginning in 2006, now become a fully mobilized overt effort, a highly credible target kept reporting that her grandson, then four years old, had become a target as well by the effort around her.  At that time I did not understand the magnitude of this type of insanity, nor the level these efforts are willing to go to, or the fact that anyone is useful as long as it is hidden from the public.

Here are two videos from two other well known targeted individuals exposing how these efforts also target children around the target.


The game is to target children early which eventually leads to a misdiagnosis which then makes them prey for Big Pharma’s ongoing mind control drugs beginning with children in the early years.  ADD is a typical and key effort for example.


In the twisted minds of these at the helm of this technology, how could they actually believe that targeting and using a child is harmless.  It is not.  It is a greater evil than the focus horrendous focus on thousands of adults.

People all over the world are awakening to a horrific truth as shown in the link below


Holyrood inquiry to probe historic CIA-backed human brainwashing experiments

THE Holyrood inquiry into historic child abuse will be asked to investigate Scottish links to an infamous CIA-backed brainwashing programme, the Sunday Express can now reveal…


Retired State Representative James Guest confirms children are being targeted as well in the letter below written for James Walbert.



Jim Guest Letter


NOTE:  An official version of the exact same letter can be found on Scribd

In fact, it is a documented fact, that the early stages of MK ULTRA focused on children.




MK ULTRA LINKS – Torture-based, Government-sponsored Mind Control Experimentation on Children

As a result, right before my daughter and granddaughter moved out of state to finish school, briefly staying with me, I factually witnessed the effort around me focus on a small helpless child and the men sitting at the helm of the psycho-physical, extremely low frequency technology were, as part of typical psychological operation, again, could careless obviously about her and were determined that I knew they were tampering and targeting her.

These disgusting low life non-human humans, as again, many reveal, will target your family and will do to yours what they would not even consider letting someone do  to theirs.  In fact because they listen to your fears, and concerns they began repeating over and over, that my granddaughter was beautiful as part of their Psy Ops, this time said by the one, of the three joint operations around me sounding like the FBI operative.

The hope that these efforts will ultimately severely emotionally impact the target, they are trying to destroy and breakdown by using a small child is key and horrendous.  For example, one day driving to an outing at “Chuck E Cheese,” the child set playing with toys in her car seat.  Suddenly, out of the blue she let out a frightened scream.  When I looked around she appeared to be searching for something and looking around at the roof of my car.  I later realized that it was likely the source of the man’s voice she was hearing.  She then began whimpering.

Admittedly this could be attributed to any or a number of reasons, however, the person doing this, in an effort that has for the past, nearing 10 years,  monitored me around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, intentionally made it a point to insure that I knew it was him and I became furious, the goal. I listened as he kept repeatedly calling her name in a playful tone scarring the child nearly to death which he probably enjoyed in the delusion of evil remote control.  Although her mother sat in the front seat with me as we drove,  she did not hear a thing and I dared not tell her what was happening.  My granddaughter definitely could not verbalize it which was even more inhumane or question how.

The public must understand that this technology is no joke, nor are the heinous human monster, programmed, or microchipped cronies, sitting at the helm of it.  They operate on a level of vicious, maliciousness, so ruthless and cruel that many cannot believe it. In fact, it is to their advantage  that most don’t believe that it is happening and when realized it is difficult to digest.  Anyone’s brain can be hacked, family members, neighbors, everyone.

Thank goodness for my recognition of the reality of this program, and what is happening is a factual, a patented technological reality and capability and a legal nonconsensual testing program.  I have learned that before a target is taken to a higher level, in ongoing testing for decades, for whatever reason, i.e., awareness, whistleblowing, blacklisted, after bogusly labelled a “Domestic Terrorist” criminal, for exposure, these operations can also be content to, in some cases, simply toy with human lives. Again, this agenda has been in research, TESTING, and development for decades.  More importantly, it was founded, clearly on the ongoing psychopathic need for mass social and population control at the highest  Echelon, literally, of Globalist.  And, manipulation and influence can be set to a specific algorithm.

For example a good friend of mine, my gym buddy, kept repeating over and over that God told her to do this, or God told her to do that.  When I told her that it sounded like she had been placed into “The program,” she would not hear of no such thing.  Her daughter had gotten caught up in what many recognized is covert drug corruption and the promotion of drugs within any community both legal and illegal.  Many have learned that it is this type of involvement, in some cases, that brings these effort around a target for use as human guinea pigs.

In fact, similar to MK ULTRA, historically, used both legal and illegal drugs for mind control.  The use of LSD, and several mind and body altering drugs played a major role.  The key to using people caught up in treachery today is that drug induced psychosis, a temporary condition, can be effectively used to  discredit a target if they realized the reality of what is happening and an effort the result of another source.  If the person begins reporting they are in a high level mind control testing program, they are automatically diagnosed as mentally ill without question.

The fact is, this specific type of individual, group and community test efforts, using drugs appears to have never stopped.  The fact is that testing became so extreme that LSD was dropped into an unsuspecting patsies drinks at a bars, etc., who then were monitored in similar fashion today and could be applicable to resulting monitoring of a community  drug results.


Mind Control in 60s

What cinched my feeling that I would have to cut ties with my gym buddy, was the fact that I could not risk, God telling her,  whom I knew to be likely operation center personnel, to do something to help the effort around me entrap me.  It was not her continually saying God told her this, that, or the other, that brought this to my attention.  What sealed our fate was when she told me that her husband, a very successful business owner of hair salons for wives of Hollywood notables, who had been doing for example, Dick Clark’s wife’s hair for decades, in a salon near Beverly Hills,  California, when she told me her husband came home and said that his business partner of many years, who died recently,  one day while he worked in his office returned from the Spirt world for a visit.  I immediately recognized this a likely a holographic image and that the whole family was being targeted and toyed with.

I also asked her one day while at the gym, just testing her, based on previous experiences,  had she been contacted by the FBI.  When I did the look on her face told me, she 100% had been and it resulted in my understanding the hope of using her, as this effort continues the take down effort around me, while largely sitting comfortably at highly advanced computer systems pulling many strings, and without leaving the building with technology which can effortlessly remote control any human being and from a distance.

Two things I knew to expect as I packed for my trip when waking early  in the morning and preparing for the drive to LAX.  One is that I will not be able to walk at all while there and two, that my daughters and granddaughter will likely, 100%, become pawns in the effort, sadly, around me.

An example of how this is done through remote influence, to create negativity, using myself as an example, is exampled in my  recently purchasing winter clothes for my granddaughter before arriving.  As I was doing so I thought to myself, my daughter is using me.  When I did, the person sitting at the helm of the technology, using proven mind reading software, and the documented technological capable of hacking the human brain, then kept reinforcing this negative thought hoping it would stick and create negative emotions which then could be backed up with the brainwave capacity to factually manipulate my emotions, creating fear, anger, depressions, agitation, etc.  What he did not understand is that first, I get this program thoroughly, based on my personal experiences, and second, my daughter and granddaughter have my complete permission to use me.

One of the primary objectives for this specific type of targeting is isolations whereas it is open season on the test subject.  Typically, in my case the psychological operation around me regarding other people and their involvement with me and in my life is reserved for few the places I frequent in my community, the gym, where they hope to use gym members or staff for “Organized Stalking” or even, I have observed subliminal influencing Psy Ops.   While sitting in the hot tub, believe it or not, suddenly five people will turn and stare at me as if hypnotically transfixed for brief a moment, then suddenly after the hopeful impact the operation believes is made, will resume normal activity and in most cases, those used, likely not having a clue what just happened or that they had been briefly used.  Believe it or not! To experience this is like an episode from the Twilight Zone.  Imagine the harm to people who don’t know of the capability.

It is important to understand that these are in fact joint military operations using military technology.  Other remote manipulative efforts would evolved as I go from location to location, i.e., the Post Office, stores, etc., in my community.  At times,  when monitoring the target in real time and knowing where they are headed in advance, they will call ahead or even once it appeared beamed security to follow me around with the person having a dazed look on his face.  When it happened repeatedly, and it became a possibility, especially under the circumstances for me to consider, so because I have books, as reference, I then tell them what is happening, and it typically stops immediately.

The InfraGard is the factual mobilized community effort involving  businesses who have signed on board, which includes several major restaurant chains and stores.




The foundation of this type of targeting overall is based on psychological operations (Psy Ops) first and farmost.  In fact everything that is done around the target is based on the hope to emotionally destroy the target and force a target to break.  It is science nonfiction.  When being tortured with Directed Energy Weapons, the target is also called vicious names during the process and beamed negative emotions and many report even suicidal suggestions.  If the target becomes melancholy, the technology using brainwaves beam emotionally destructive, extremely low frequency manipulation amped with the hope of intensifying the feeling and to push the target over the edge.

These efforts will stop at nothing to destroy the target and they do not have any problem with it proven over and over again by many, many people.  In fact, the holiday targeting is also Psy Ops.  The understanding is obviously that many people who are alone during the holiday season can become severely depressed.

My last concern, with leaving my home for two weeks is that anything can happen on the home front as well.  The FBI is documented to be spearheading many of these covert efforts and playing a major role in covert entry and other tactics known as Gas Lighting is a definite part of the procedure.


Many  report that operatives are not above poisoning food to make the target sick, damaging appliances, infesting homes with critters of those heavily targeted.  The gas lighting effect of moving things around leaving an intentional sign that they were there leaves the message that they can get to you while you question your sanity in the game of Psy Ops.  The hope, in the confusion, is to throw the target off balance mentally.

When I first moved in, I was threatened repeatedly to burn the house down and with me in after the purchase.  A result of this program typically is manufactured homelessness which they have not achieved with me as of yet.

The Psy Ops of Gas Lighting, as part of “The Program” is backed up, by ongoing death threats / covert terrorism.



November 19, 2015, 1:41 a.m.

Soon as I got to my daughter’s residence, I could hear the same idiots, of whom I hear every night, working in shifts, beamed from the ceiling down making threats and typically calling me vicious names.

November 19, 2015, 8:01, a.m.

All the way in another state, 1500 miles away, I wake with the beam focused on and cooking my left knee without missing a beat.

November 20, 2015, 11:50 a.m.

Society has been programmed against speaking out against our military in any form.   Many of America’s sons and daughters, whom we love, are enlisted in what we believe to be efforts for the preservation of our freedom.  On a personal level, I fully understand this dynamic as a female veteran myself.  There is a naivety reinforced during the indoctrination process which begins in Basic Training creating detachment.

However, the truth of the matter is that some of the most heinous technology testing programs affecting Targeted Individuals are originating through the use of military technology and from military operations and bases by those, essentially subconsciously programmed as NWO Government Issue (GI) and who are just following orders without any real choice after signing on the dotted line.

In order to grasp the dynamic of military employment, we must fully recognized an organization that focuses and centers on war,  mind control programming,  and the reality of acceptable destruction of life.

Right before I left home for this visit out of state, a young Air Force male was seen on my block having obviously moved in.  Coincidentally, shortly afterwards, I could feel the beam designed for neurological damage 100% coming from his direction.

Below note is without a doubt a reality today in joint targeting efforts which are materializing in some cases as slow kill operations.  A video follows.



NOTE:  Right after Dr. John Hall speaks, James Walbert speaks and mentions how children are being targeted (23.56 minutes)




If a lot of people are saying the same thing, LISTEN UP!

NOTE:  Today the technology is so advanced, in nationwide operations, that a person does not have to be microchipped to target.


November 24, 2015, 9:07 a.m.

Now out of state visiting family for 6 days exactly and the torture by the exact same group who are around me in California has continued proving  a program using satellites to track a target and a bio-coded weapon system.  This is obvious, specifically, when I am tortured by the Directed Energy Weapon as my daughter and I were out shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.

November 25, 2015, 12:30 p.m.

My granddaughter was in the room with me playing quietly by herself, and suddenly she said, “I can’t say, whore.”  In this case, the operation centers was likely telling her to say this for me to hear using her.  Believe it or not.

Many ask how could military and law enforcement personnel be so empty that they would target defenseless children?

Although I do not follow the maker of the video below, or his position on many other subjects, the question is does he nailed the how and why military and law enforcement personnel can be programmed to be vicious, malicious, inhumane, and appear to be human monsters in this government monstrous targeting program that can make the average man, Hell bent on destroying not only adults but also children.  Many are searching for answers.

I am simply reporting on others making a connection of why?

Don’t shoot the messenger – Mark Passio!

Again, believe it or not!




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