The Psychiatric Criminal Community

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The Psychiatric Community Globally has played a pivotal role in mind control technology testing, mind control drugs, etc., etc., etc., and since inception of government population control agendas.  Some would argue this bogus profession was established specifically as an arm of population control agendas.

Psychiatrists are Criminals by Gerald Migliarisi

Mental Health Issue Special Edition – Excerpt:

Psychiatrists are among the biggest, true criminals in our society! As is the psychiatric system. Too bad Torontonians and other Canadians don’t really get angry and ‘act’ to do something about this (like Americans, aside from their violence and other negatives). If I had the power, I would send more than some psychiatrists to a Canadian ‘Siberia’. Along with psychiatric drug manufacturers, who even make their greedy, capitalist profits from taxpayers’ money.

Psychiatrists have ‘destroyed’ the lives of so many, many people! In recent years we’ve seen more ‘mentally ill/sick’ people in the streets and at the free meals they receive in church basements. Sadly, they look (to me) like human guinea pigs and half-dead vegetables. What of those we don’t see, such as at the Clarke Institute? What of those many, so-called ‘schizophrenics’ who constantly commit suicide, like jumping off bridges?

Are schizophrenia and mental illness ‘scientific’? The fact is that books and literature to the contrary have been written. And books that severely criticize and condemn psychiatrists, the psychiatric system, and psychiatric medications! We can endlessly analyze, rationalize, and synthesize all of this. The conclusion is psychiatry is both wrong and truly criminal!

Technically, mental health may be said to deal with disorders of thought, mood and personality. But every single human being has such so-called ‘disorders’! There is something wrong with all of us – we’re all not exactly perfect. Yet psychiatrists love to give medication for such disorders. And medication has destructive side-effects in the patients, such as grimaces, loud talking, hyperactivity, abnormal behavior worse than the original disorder, and worse. And often suicide. It is illogical, ridiculous, and criminal to prescribe medication. Perhaps not even in extreme cases should it be prescribed. It’s likewise insane for psychiatrists to very conveniently create and invent new illnesses, disorders and categories. Even for children!

Why don’t prime ministers, politicians, lawyers and other prominent people with odd behavior take psychiatric medication? Why not the family and relatives of schizophrenics of working-class origin, and the less educated? Why don’t psychiatrists themselves take schizophrenic medication (for they do admit they have mental problems)? Why do psychiatrists act as if they are God?

And why do those semi-criminals known as politicians not attempt to bring down most, if not all, of the psychiatric system? Church people are also guilty, for instead of free meals, Out of the Cold programs, giving out blankets to street people, etc., they should focus their energies on mental illness, finding housing for the homeless, banning beggars, and other, general social/economic problems affecting everyone, such as unemployment and job discrimination. The media does not do enough to reveal psychiatry as a wrong, criminal system. It’s one of the biggest issues in our society, yet we hardly hear about it.

Psychiatrists and psychiatric supporters argue that mental patients must continue to regularly, sheepishly take their medications, so that the patients won’t have the destructive side-effects from not taking it. But they very conveniently ignore stating that the majority of, if not all, patients should not have been prescribed ‘any’ medication in the first place!

Psychiatrists live in much more manure than the supposed unhealthy compost in the minds of the patients they treat. Their quest for scientific excellence is really unscientific! Nor is it excellence when they forget about humanity and their fellow human beings. They seemingly want to cure every human problem via medication, or certainly by making cruel experiments with human guinea pigs. Psychiatrists and the psychiatric system continue, right now, to destroy the lives of innocent human beings!

Our living, breathing fellow humans, who rather than really ‘live’, just ‘exist’ in their half lives. May the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity never see their ‘dreams’ (translation: our nightmares) come true!…/psychiatristsarecriminals.html



bigstock_Flags_Globe_407448.jpgHUMAN EXPERIMENTATION 101

Not only are people speaking out within the United States about Mass Control Technology, but Canada, Brazil, Japan, UK, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, and as shown Sweden.

Worldwide thousands of civil targeted individuals suffer from the illegal experimentation.

Since the discoveries of Nikola Tesla in radar technology and their world wide spreading, especially first world countries enhanced their own programs to influence electromagnetic fields in the environment.

During World War II german scientists improved the technologies in applied research using jewish prisoners for inhuman experimentation.

Nowadays the technological development has risen to unexpected heights.

The National Security Agency (NSA) possesses nano computer technology that is supposed to be 15 years ahead of the world’s development.

These entities can affect any electromagnetic system on the globe such as bioelectrical fields in the human body, any computer or telecommunication device either geological systems.

The effects of this intrusion are serious illnesses, global surveillance, altering human brainwave (mind control) and environmental catastrophes including earthquakes, storms, flood (tsunamis) and volcanic activity.

Worldwide thousands of civil targeted individuals suffer from the illegal experimentation.











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