aids hiv siv.. etc.. and “food webs” and microflora… and spider /webs../

seeing dna and rna etc.. as a “fractal equation”… or… “folding light” etc…

maybe… its about… “speaking life”… meaning… “being true to it”… life….



The Mathematics of DNA

(By the way, he found some of his most interesting data in what used to be called “Junk DNA.” It turns out to not be junk at all.)

OK, so what does all this mean?

  • Copying errors cannot be the source of evolutionary progress, because if that were true, eventually all the letters would be equally probable.
  • This proves that useful evolutionary mutations are not random. Instead, they are controlled by a precise Evolutionary Matrix to within 0.1%
  • When organisms exchange DNA with each other through Horizontal Gene Transfer, the end result still obeys specific mathematical patterns
  • DNA is able to re-create destroyed data by computing checksums in reverse – like calculating the missing contents of a page ripped out of a novel.

No man-made language has this kind of precise mathematical structure. DNA is a tightly woven, highly efficient language that follows extremely specific rules. Its alphabet, grammar and overall structure are ordered by a beautiful set of mathematical functions.

The Mathematics of DNA

2D genetic fractals: a Makers Guide

spiders and monkey relationship in africa

siv and hiv…

monkeys thought to carry the siv to hiv disease

it changes its DNA by both mutation and, more often, recombination, when two strains merge within the body and exchange genetic material. Some scientists refer to this process as “viral sex,” and it may partially explain why it is so hard for scientists to make a treatment or vaccine. Korber’s model does not take recombination into account, but given a virus’ DNA configuration, it can roughly predict the age of that strain. Korber has tested the oldest known HIV sample, taken in 1959, and derived the 1931 estimate.

what did the “carriers eat”… how did they fit in the food chain… etc… why did some die.. and some live.. by what they ate.. including.. other microbes.. including clays and dirt…etc

edible Spider Webs.. manna( what is it)… hand knots…’ba_FoFi

How to Dance with a Tree: Visualizing Fractals With Dance


“mountain-tree” fractal…

“Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.”

network configuration of gut microbs and blood microbs

relationship of
“retroviruses” in network configuration of “compsting cycle’ of life…

“tree in the middle of the garden”….

Why Thousands of Spiders Are Crawling in the Skies Over Brazil



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